• Sydney Film Festival – Dining Special

    Attending a Sydney Film Festival event this month?

    Enjoy our lunch and dinner offer before or after your film.

    Delicious food, great wine… Here’s a sample of what you will get.

    Please note that we’re closed on weekends and public holidays 🙂 

  • Ten Years on…

    This is the menu from 10 years ago today when we swung open our doors on Elizabeth Street. Back then there was no wine bars, no casual bistros. Mostly just cafes or fine diners in the city.

    I knew what I wanted to do, but definitely didn’t know how! We have struggled, we have succeeded, we’ve changed things when it didn’t work and we sometimes changed things even when they were working.

    Along the way I’ve meet some amazing people, and had even more amazing staff. The place has earned accolades, and missed out on others. We built a bar, we changed the name, we can never make up our mind about what the menu looks like. WE HAVE HAD FUN!

    This game of hospitality isn’t going to change the world, cure cancer or solve poverty, but I’d like to think that the art of being hospitable can sometimes make a small difference.

    So there we are, our 10th birthday. We can look back and be proud of making it to this point, but the most important thing really, is what we do in our next service.