Wine Club

Fix Wine Club is much like any wine club. You’re trusting someone to select wines for you. If you know us at Fix Wine, then you know Stuart. He has been selecting the right wine for his customers for more years than he cares to tell you about.

Tell us what you like and Stuart will create your 6 pack or dozen wines to be sent direct to you each quarter.

Features of our wine club

You select the value. Either $180 or $350. You help us choose the varieties: If you want more of one variety or less of another, please let us know.

Plus, you’ll have first access to any treasures Stuart sources before it goes to public sale.

Your wines will always be packaged with our unique bottle tags and a page of notes on the wines we’ve sent you. So you can get the details on your wines, just as if you’d been speaking with the sommelier in our restaurant!

Selecting wines

It’s simple – we see many wines in any given month. And we buy quite a lot if it. Then we go through this with an eye for what we hope you’ll enjoy drinking. Because at the end of the day – that’s what its all about.

Can I change my preferences?

Yes, as often as you like. You can change frequency of deliveries, prices and mixes – from white to red, to a mix of both – and back again. Just email or call us.

Am I under any obligation?

No. There are no contracts or fees. You can cancel membership at any time – just let us know. We understand life happens, so you can even skip a delivery if going away.

Are there freight costs?

No. Our Fix Wine Club prices include freight. Please see our deliveries page to check we deliver to your area.