The Coravin is one of the greatest game changers I’ve seen in my life of serving wine. And let me tell you, that’s a few years.

In short, this nifty tool gives access to wines that can be poured by the glass and yet never opened!

Think Grange, Barolo and Grand Cru Burgundy to start.

I’ve played around with it for a while now and am confident that the wines remain perfect once ‘Coravined’.

Thanks to the coravin, we’ve added about 20 premium wines to our by the glass list. Available as a “taste” or glass. And we can do it, because the wines stay super fresh under their own cork indefinitely.

If you don’t believe me ask Jancis Robinson

2 comments on “Coravin, my not-so-new favourite wine tool.”

  • Brandon

    I’m considering starting a wine bar and the coravin is a big part of why. I’m curious on how much it costs to use it and if you mark your glasses up to cover the cost of gas? From what I understand it’s probably $1 per glass to use the coravin, which in all aspects isn’t much if you’re talking about high end wine. Which begs my next question…Do you use the coravin only on expensive wine or most wines (that have a quality cork) since there are number of other wine preservation systems.

    • Tracey Carter-Knox

      Hi Brandon
      We a big coravin users. We have incorporated the gas cost for the coravins into our COGS. We use it on medium priced wines and up, but also use on the more esoteric wines that may be slow movers as well. Good luck with your wine bar.